Origin:  London, UK


Genres:  Rock, Metal, Alternative


Years Active:  2015 - present


Website: www.silverkord.com

Visceral alternative-progressive metal and hard rock. Songs punctuated with seductively dark agonizing folk influences, unforgettable hooks, subterranean vocal roars to glass splintering screams, Silverkord deceptively embrace, almost asphyxiate, and stir you into an unfamiliar aural tornado of unfettered but inexplicable satisfaction



"I can't stop listening to this band and neither should you. This band deserves to explode..." 
( Progressive Subway 2020 ) 
"Boasting massive production, ‘Halcyon’ is an incredibly well crafted track with an ear splitting vocal delivery and enough elements to make this an interesting and rewarding listen upon many revisits.."
( Backseat Mafia 2020 )
"Has that addictive grunge sound.."
( Global Texan Chronicles 2017 )




Management: Charlie Dawe, Syndicol Music, Management@Syndicolmusic.com


Booking: Terri Fairs, Beating Hearts Agency, terrisian@beatingheartsagency.com



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