The result of many years of searching for the right players and sound for a cross-genre rock/metal/alternative project, vocalist/writer & guitarist Will Miles, inspired by musings on the near-death experience, named the band Silverkord in the summer of 2016. A 3-track EP was composed, recorded and self-released in August 2017.

Likened to early Soundgarden, Tool, Alice in Chains & Deftones, the EP and various performances by the band in its fledgling line up stages, had a great response across the London rock & metal scene. Around this time Phil Tatton (formerly of Generation Graveyard), having heard the EP and few demos from what would become their debut album ‘Liquid Air’, became the permanent bassist. The new album would come to represent a vast musical leap forward in scale and emotional depth for the band.


 ‘Liquid Air’, was recorded late 2018 in a hasty session at Orgone Studios, UK, and for various logistical reasons, without a full line up, which led to all the guitars being tracked by Will and various session drummers being recorded, having learnt the tracks from the programmed drums on the demos. Shortly after tracking, Ravi Kesavaram (of rock band My Vitriol), who had played some of the drums on the album and had been talking to Will for some time about collaborating having met years earlier at a My Vitriol show, became the permanent drummer for Silverkord. After many delays finalizing the record and enduring multiple re-mixing and re-mastering sessions, it was completed and released in May 2020 via London-based, Syndicol Music.


Championed by Tina Saul (Total Rock Radio), ‘Liquid Air’ has been praised for its seamless blend of genres including, rock, hard-rock, progressive metal and elements of grunge and doom. Progressive Subway described it as having ‘the best vocal performance of the year’, while music blog Backseat Mafia described the single ‘Halcyon’ as ‘boasting massive production, an incredibly well-crafted track with an ear splitting vocal delivery’.


Having caught the attention of rock and metal fans worldwide the band were set to embark on a 1st European support tour with Finnish rock band Flat Earth, however this was unfortunately cancelled due to the Covid19 pandemic.


During the 2020-21 UK lockdowns, with the aim of honing the bands unique sound and focusing the songwriting for live performance, Will wrote a follow-up album, which with the bands help has now been recorded and mastered. During this time the need also became clear to settle on one core guitarist to add to the line up to allow Will to focus more on vocals and to carry the heavier more groove-based sound on the new album into the live show, thus, long-time friend of Phil, Russ Martin (formerly of metal band One Fell Down), was recruited as the mainstay on guitar.


Silverkord are now preparing for live shows where they will play songs from their whole catalogue including new unreleased material.