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Formed in 2015 by London-based vocalist & guitarist, Will Miles, the band in its fledgling stages went through many line-up changes while testing the water, demoing and performing early material in local rock haunts of north-London.

A few years later, Miles, by chance, became acquainted with drummer Ravi Kesavaram (of the widely acclaimed rock/nu-gaze band, My Vitriol), who saw the potential in his project and demos. Before he became fully involved however Miles had already written an entirely new album, subsequently recorded in a hasty 5 day session at Orgone Studios, UK, in late 2018, performing all the guitars and vocals himself, and with session players filling in where required. Shortly after tracking and the initial mixing sessions, Kesavaram became fully involved and the pair underwent almost a year of sporadic studio sessions in-between other commitments, re-mixing over half the album (including re-tracking some drums) until they were finally happy with the results. The completed album would come to represent a vast musical leap forward in scale and emotional depth for the band.

 Finally released in May 2020 ‘Liquid Air’ was immediately championed by Tina Saul (Total Rock), praising the album for its seamless blend of genres including, rock, hard-rock, progressive metal and elements of grunge and doom. Progressive Subway, described it as having ‘the best vocal performance of the year’, while music blog Backseat Mafia described the single ‘Halcyon’ as ‘boasting massive production, an incredibly well-crafted track with an ear splitting vocal delivery’.


With the pandemic hitting, all planned tours (including a short stint in Europe) to support the release of ‘Liquid Air’ came to a grinding halt. Thus during the 2020 UK lockdowns, with the aim of honing the bands unique sound, focusing the songwriting for live performance, and to fully incorporate Kesavaram’s drumming, Miles wrote a follow-up album, which was then tracked entirely by the pair at their separate home studios during the winter of ‘21 and mastered in April the same year by Maor Appelbaum. Finally released after almost a year and a half on the shelf, ‘Auguries of Ruin’ has received sensational reviews including 5 Stars from Sunday Sport music editor, 10/10 From Emerging Rock Bands magazine, and 8.8/10 from Backseat mafia, and is set to become one of the most impressive releases of the year, with singles ‘Million Eyes’ And ‘Behind the Sun’ being playlisted by Amazing radio UK/USA, Total Rock radio, ERB/East London Radio, Hard Rock Hell Radio and many more. The band are now preparing for touring in late 2022 and into next year, including a performance at Planet Rock’s Winters End Festival in February ’23.

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