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"Powerful alternative metal which will take you on a journey through several genres"
(Tina Saul - Total Rock)
"Silverkord sure do know how to incorporate haunting doom with layers of melodies and big riffs that hook, capture, and get under your skin. Brilliant stuff"
(Sam Kelly Wallace - Vallenfyre) 
"If you're not familiar with London's Silverkord then that may be about to change. Their latest album 'Auguries of Ruin' is fantastic. 'Behind the Sun' blends haunting guitar melodies with arse-kicking grooves and theres a masterful blend of clean singing and screaming" 
(Sunday sport)
"I can't stop listening to this album and neither should you. This band deserves to explode." 
( Progressive Subway ) 
"One not to miss"
"The band have created one hell of a track here. From the vocal mash up performance from Miles to the drumming masterclass, the track is a monster and a great introduction to the band for those that have not heard them before. The heavy grunge chorus riff brings in some groove to the solid rhythm section as Miles lets those vocal cords loose. ‘Million Eyes’ points to the bands second album is going to very good indeed and will take them to new heights."
( Backseat Mafia )
"Has that addictive grunge sound.."
( Global Texan Chronicles )




Rock - Metal - Alternative, London, UK

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